Hike in Areuse-Schlucht
Muslim Students and Alumni Association Bern
MSAB Winter Outdoor Activity

MSAB Summer Outdoor activity (Vol - I)


Sunday 2nd of August, on the 4th day of Eid al Adha, the msab organized a wonderful hike to the Areuse-Schlucht in Neuchatêl. We took the train to Noiraigue and from there we went on the trail with 25 hikers. Alhamdulillah the weather in the morning was very nice and we had a very fun time together. Even it started raining after the dinner, the smiles on our faces couldn't vanish anymore. The people were so lovley and we all did new friends. Of corse, such moments have to be hold on camera and shared with you guys. We ended this amazing trip with a tasty dinner in Neuchatêl-City. yammi..

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